Many people contribute to the success of an event like this. I've listed the main contributors to the planning and production on the playbill at bottom right.


But there were many others that helped. The volunteers who stepped up to man the bar were huge keys to how well things went this year. Thanks to Michael, Keith and Ian and several others whose names I didn't get for stepping in for this critical function.

All of us, organizers and attendees alike, owe a debt of gratitude to Peter Gilbert, who has been tireless in being the overseer of East Bay Gay Guys. Because of his dedication and energy, we've had this wonderful means of socializing for gay people in this part of the Bay Area for many years now. How many friendships and more have been an outcome of this? Probably too many to count.

For my part, I gave my first EBGG Halloween reception in 2006. It was quite a task…fun, but quite a task. Then Tim Ault began helping me with The Haunted Caverns and with the orgainizational aspects of this reception in 2007.

The Haunted Caverns has grown to be the the center point for many people for this particular party. It has grown into an elaborate adventure, almost "theme park" in nature, with a life of its own. Tim has been an indispensible partner in its creation and construction and also as a co-organizer of the reception itself.

As long as Tim and I have energy and time, we'll continue the tradition of this Halloween gathering at my home. It's really great fun and, also, allows us to be a bit creative.

So see you October 27, 2013 at "The House On Haunted Hill."

John Monteverdi

jmonteverdi@mac.com John Monteverdi 2013