The main driving force and spirit behind all the East Bay Gay Guys receptions is Peter Gilbert.   He also served as an Orc in the Haunted Caverns.   

John owns the home and designed and constructed The Haunted Caverns, and also served as a Spirit there.  He also designed the invitations and the website.   Tim designed the Hall of Mirrors/Hall of Confusion in the Haunted Caverns and was a Gruesome Goblin there.  John and Tim were cohosts of the event.

Ray and Jamie served many roles, in the Haunted Caverns and as Docents.  Steve and Kevin served as Head Bartenders in a nearly thankless role, as they was overwhelmed with customers from 4PM to 8PM.  Neil served as Greeter and Cryptkeeper in the Haunted Caverns.  Thanks also to Mike Smith and Guillermo Sandoval for valuable help in the house and the Haunted Caverns.

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