I've been giving Halloween Parties ever since I lived in my first apartment shortly after graduate school…way, way back when. They have now morphed into major undertakings, with several events taking place over multiple weekends. Each of these is designed specifically…a family dinner, and a party for friends and family, for example. Here are the invitations from this year's events.


The graphic above is from the invitation to my family Halloween dinner. My family "gets into" Halloween as you can tell by the costumes of the dinner guests.

PartyGraphic copy

The graphic above is the inside panel of the invitation to my Halloween Party on October 27.

I am the prime energy behind the planning, production and execution of a series of holiday events like these, there are others who participate. Such a major party and reception needs the involvment of others.


Tim Ault has been helping me with The Haunted Caverns since 2007. The Haunted Caverns (you can seepicturesand amovie tourelsewhere on the site) is the center point for many people. It has grown into an elaborate adventure, almost "theme park" in nature. Tim has been an indispensible partner in its creation.


As long as I have energy and time I'll continue the tradition of the Halloween gathering at my home. And as long as Tim and I have energy to create "The Haunted Caverns", that will continue as well. It's really great fun and, also, allows us to be a bit creative.

So see you October 26, 2013 at "The House On Haunted Hill."

John Monteverdi

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