Haunted Caverns 2012 -- Photos


Design and Concept ……………………...………John P. Monteverdi

Hall of Confusion Design and Concept………………...….Tim Ault

Production………………..………..John P. Monteverdi and Tim Ault

Principal Live Spirits……………...….John Monteverdi and Tim Ault

Other Live Spirits 10/27/12 …..Bruce Margetich, Arlene Margetich, Emma Brusher

Other Live Spirits.Docents 10/28/12….Peter Gilbert, Guillermo Sandoval, Neil Lang, Jamie Brooks, Ray Pajek

The map view schematic above gives you an idea of the labyrinth for this year's version of the Haunted Caverns. The path was designed around five major theme areas: The Watchers, The Guardians, Dungeon of the Wraiths, Graveyard of the Wraiths and the Hall of Confusion. Each of these areas were connected by narrow corridors: Corridor of the Guardians, The Haunted Catacombs and the Descent into Doom. Along the way, visitors encountered 29 major spirits, over 20 minor "sprites" and 3 to 5 "live" spirits, who are listed above.

It is very difficult to film the Haunted Caverns in the creepy low light. I've tried here, but I realize these are not very good. But they will at least give you an idea of this year's Haunted Caverns. You can also take a somewhat "dark" tour by looking at the ten minute movie I've created.

Just a bit of technical detail….I start creating the physical setup sometime around Labor Day weekend. The basement is a "working basement" so it certainly is not left up year around even if we did exactly the same setup every year. However, the Caverns are different each year….and that's part of the way we maintain our interest.

The invitation design is mostly set in early August. I do this because I do have a "day job" as a professor. So, with the summers off of teaching, I have more time then and precious little time after the last week in August.

It takes surprisingly little time to assemble the caverns. But because I work in short bursts when time becomes available I do start assembling the Graveyard Area on Labor Day weekend. The "disassembly" process takes less time. Usually the whole thing, except the Mirror area, is down by the second weekend in November and packed away, leaving a fully functioning "normal" looking basement.

Thanks to everyone for making this so much fun each year that for many years I did it myself with excitement. Now that Tim is helping out, it's getting better and better.

jmonteverdi@mac.com John Monteverdi 2013