I've been giving Halloween Parties ever since I lived in my first apartment shortly after graduate school…way, way back when.   They have now morphed into major undertakings, with several events taking place over multiple weekends.  Each of these is designed specifically…a family dinner, and a party for friends and family, for example.  

Although I am the prime energy behind the planning, production and execution of a series of holiday events like these, there are others who participate.  Such a major party and reception needs the involvment of others. 

IMG 1512.JPG

Tim Ault has been helping me with The Haunted Caverns since 2007.  The Haunted Caverns is the center point for many people.  It has grown into an elaborate adventure, almost "theme park" in nature.  Tim has been an indispensible partner in its creation.  But, in particular, the Corridor of Confusion (which is a stand alone Hall of Mirrors) is really an elaborate construction that needs careful design and engineering.  That’s Tim’s purview…as I could not begin to attempt that.

The production begins in late July or early August, when I first begin thinking about the current year’s invitation design.   This involves thinking through the issues I’ve faced in past years, getting new and better graphics and updating the software that produces the invitations and graphics.

Once that is done, around Memorial Day, work begins on The Haunted Caverns.  The most elaborate section of the Caverns is the Graveyard of the Wraiths, which I attempt to tweak and change each year to create interest.

It’s much fun.  And it’s gratifying to see how other people have embraced the whole thing as part of their holiday celebrations each year.

See you October 25, 2014.

© John Monteverdi 2014